Kennel registered in FCI / DKK

"La Chighana was founded in the year 2000, and was registered in FCI / DKK in the year 2020. Over the years, La Chighana has bred and exhibited Chihuahua with extremely good results, which include Champions, BIS rankings and "the breed winner of the year" and others. Along with Chihuahua, La Chighana has owned and exhibited Afghans and Lhasa Apsos. Despite the fact that La Chighana bred its last litter of Chihuahua in 2013. The lines are still used by dedicated Chihuahua breeders who, with La Chighana blood, lie in their dog's lineage, to this day still widespread around the exhibitions at home and abroad, and which La Chighana is obviously very honored to have. Today, La Chighana  breeds and exhibits Labrador Retrievers, and exhibits Smoothcoat Miniature Dachshund. Breeding of Smoothcoat Miniature Dachshund is expected approx. year 2020-2021 "

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